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140921 yanchaou twitter update with SJ

140921 yanchaou twitter update with SJ

Let the storm rage ooooooooooooonnnnn~ ♫

SMTOWN GLOBAL / SS6 VINE update / part 3 (part 1 here) (part 2 here)

SMTOWN GLOBAL / SS6 VINE update / part 2 (part 1 here) (part 3 here)

SMTOWN GLOBAL / SS6 VINE update part 1 (part 2 here) (part 3 here)

SS6 presscon:

From 2008, with 3 Asia & 2 world tours SJ attracted 1.35mil audience.

Wook: I want to go beyond Earth to the moon 

Kyu: “I want to do 1000 concerts. It takes about 8 years for 100 concerts, so it will take 90 years for 1000 

SJ : “as 1st Korean artists to reach 100 world concerts we are proud, hope fans won’t regret watching out concert”



eunhae staring at each other’s face during motorcycle chorus then laughed

hyuk lost kaibaibo again XDDD danced ayaya and shook his butt hahaha

During Hello Hyuk extended his hand and Donghae took it while facing each other,they grabbed each other’s hands, touched their chests tgt then touching cheeks

When Hyukjae was rolling his hips to oppa oppa, Donghae was pointing to hyuk’s hips and look at his crotch area lmao


Hae backhugged Hyuk at the end

cr:hyukarmpits, raichanxd

staff brings in the 100tj super show cake, Hyukjae cries

Hyukjae is still sobbing hard, back in stage but facing back ㅠ

Siwon comes and lift him

Hyuk is still crying ㅠㅠ Kangin hugs him. Then come Sungmin, fix his eyelines with cotton bud

Hyuk just look down, stand behind Teuk and facing the back

Hyuk looks to the main screen while shindong speaks. Shindong starts crying, and hyuk cries again

Hyuk listens to members’ speech but he doesn’t smile even others do. With sad face, he keeps watching ELFs in the stadium




Heechul: Lee Soo Man-nim please chant along! We love You Kim Heechul, milky white skinned Kim Heechul

cr 金圣诞是理想型

100th SUPER SHOW- Super Junior World Tour “SUPER SHOW SIX”




Clay shells by Zoe Latham


Clay shells by Zoe Latham



Donghae’s letter to Heechul

I made this for you~ Hyung, sorry for this! but I still wanna congratulate to you~ Although it’s late, happy 24th birthday! After getting to know hyung, I’ve become so happy. Even though I’ve already bought you a wallet and a belt, it took me three years to accomplish that. I’m sorry.. Hyung, did you remember Yunho, you, and me; when we were on “Time Capsule” Show, we wrote letters to read five years time and for another ten years. After our debut, we would always remain the same, taking care for each others, never changing. The three of us made this promise. It’s been four years already. Four years is probably not be a long time, we’ve been all doing well. I’ve always been thankful towards you for taking care and loving me. Let’s create wonderful memories and happy things in the future. Hyung, remember to be healthy, no more pain. Don’t cry. Work hard in everything you do. Thank you and happy birthday. - Super Junior Donghae